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Teaching in one of the PC’s largest departments, political science faculty members possess expertise in an array of topics including campaigns and elections, civic engagement, communications and the media, constitutional law, democracy and development, Latino and black politics, globalization, race, gender and sexuality, social justice and equality. Our faculty study many aspects of American politics as well as numerous other countries, with particular strengths in East Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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Visiting Faculty:

Dr. Sarai-Anne Ikenze

Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Science at Providence College.

She holds a PhD in Political Science from Lund University, an MA in International Studies from University of San Francisco, and a BA in Political Science and Economics from Western Washington University. Prior to teaching at Providence College, Dr. Ikenze was an Assistant Professor in Politics and International Relations at Northeastern University London. Dr. Ikenze teaches courses in African politics, International Relations, and Introduction to Political Science.

Dr. Zachariah Wheeler

Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Science at Providence College.

Dr. Wheeler is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work examines the relationships between media, culture, and politics. He completed a PhD in Political and Cultural Thought in the ASPECT program at Virginia Tech, as well as a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies at New York University, NY and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Film Studies at Salisbury University, MD. His recent research is focused on how class divisions in the post-industrial era have reshaped American politics and culture. At PC, Dr. Wheeler has taught Electoral and Campaign Communication, and this semester, he is teaching Introduction to Communication, as well as Mass Media and Politics, which is cross-listed with American Studies. Next semester, he will be teaching Media and Society.

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