Matt Guardino

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Howley Hall 319


Ph.D. - Syracuse University

Brief Biography:

Matt Guardino holds a BA in English literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a PhD in political science from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. Matt is a former newspaper journalist whose work centers on mass media, public opinion and political psychology, U.S. public policy, and communication theory. His research focuses on how discourse and information flows affect democracy and political power. He teaches courses in U.S. politics and public policy, research methods, news media and public opinion, and the political economy of communication.

Area(s) of Expertise:

American politics and policy issues, news media and public opinion

Selected Publications:

Guardino, M. Mettler, S. (2020) "Revealing the 'Hidden Welfare State': How Policy Information Influences Public Attitudes About Tax Expenditures". Journal of Behavioral Public Administration.(3), 1-15.

Guardino, M. (2020) "'Rediscovering’ Ideology Critique (Again): Toward a Critical Realist Analysis of Political Media Effects". International Journal of Communication.(14), 2633-2652.

Guardino, M. (2019) Framing Inequality: News Media, Public Opinion, and the Neoliberal Turn in U.S. Public Policy. New York: Oxford University Press

Guardino, M. (2018) In Travis N. Ridout (Ed.), "Media and Public Policy: Does Media Coverage Depend on the Medium?". Routledge

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Guardino, M. Snyder, D. (2017) "The Capitalist Advertising and Marketing Complex and the US Social Order: A Political-Materialist Analysis". New Political Science.(39), 588-608.

Guardino, M. Hayes, D. (2017) “Foreign Voices, Party Cues, and U.S. Public Opinion about Military Action” . International Journal of Public Opinion Research.(30), 504-516.

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Hayes, D. Guardino, M. (2010) "Whose Views Made the News? Media Coverage and the March to War in Iraq". Political Communication.(27), 59-87.

Selected Presentations:

Guardino, M. Pugh, J. Edmond, K. University of Pennsylvania Identity & Conflict Lab workshop – “Overcoming Prejudice Against Immigrant Minorities: What Works and What Doesn’t?” . , Philadelphia, PA - "Prejudice and Invisibility Expectations: Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation and U.S. Attitudes Toward Immigrant Social Incorporation and Political Agency" April, 2022

Guardino, M. Pugh, J. International Society of Political Psychology Annual Meeting. , Online (scheduled for Berlin) - "Testing the 'Invisibility Bargain': Conservatism, Authoritarianism and U.S. Attitudes Toward Immigrant Social Integration and Political Agency." July, 2020

Guardino, M. Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting. , San Diego - "Democracy or Destruction? Toward a Radical Politics of Consumption." April, 2019

Guardino, M. Snyder, D. International Herbert Marcuse Society Biennial Meeting. , Toronto - "The Capitalist Advertising and Marketing Complex: Alienation from the Age of Affluence to the Neoliberal Era." October, 2017

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Guardino, M. Snyder, D. Caucus for a New Political Science 50th Anniversary Meeting. , South Padre Island, Texas - "Alienation, the Advertising Industry, and the American Social Order." February, 2017

Guardino, M. American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. , Philadelphia - "Workshop: Textual Analysis and Critical Semiotics." August, 2016

Guardino, M. Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting. , Seattle - "Psychological Ambivalence and Popular Common Sense: A Critical Bridge for Media Effects" April, 2014

Guardino, M. Northeast Popular Culture-American Culture Association Annual Meeting. , Colchester, VT - "Stopping 'America’s Descent into the Welfare Abyss': Hegemonic Political Discourse and the Demise of AFDC" October, 2013

Guardino, M. Hayes, D. Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting. , Chicago - "The Power of Foreign Voices and the Limits of Partisan Cue-Taking: U.S. Public Opinion about Military Action against Iran" April, 2013

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