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Political Science at Providence College

To be human is to be political. So claimed Aristotle, who stated that human beings are, by nature, the “political animal.” Political science is the systematic study of political institutions, ideas, identities, events, and behaviors. As such, political science seeks to understand collective power — specifically, how and by whom such power is acquired, exercised, and challenged. Students who major in political science at Providence College examine politics in a variety of contexts and from a variety of perspectives, both domestic and international. Graduates of the program find that a degree in political science from Providence College opens doors to a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors. The major also enables our students to become engaged and responsible citizens of their communities.


Department of Political Science
Dr. Matthew Guardino
Department Chair
Howley Hall 319

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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Students complete 11 three-credit courses, including Political Science 101 and an upper-level seminar of their choosing. Majors must take at least one course in each of the subfields of American politics, comparative politics, political theory, and international relations, and a course on quantitative and qualitative methods. Students also complete four electives, which may include courses from the main subfields and others that cross subfields and disciplines.

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Minor in Political Science

A minor in political science is a valuable addition to many other fields of study, including sociology, economics, public and community service studies, global studies, and business. Minors must complete PSC 101 and five additional political science courses of their choosing. At least two of these must be at the 300 or 400 level.

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Certificate in Public Administration

The Public Administration Program prepares students for careers in a variety of public service sectors and graduate degrees in public administration (MPA) and public policy (MPP). The program consists of core courses in political science as well as three courses in other disciplines on ethics, economics, and finance.

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Take classes, live in D.C., and work an internship in the Washington Semester Program

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Find placements in research and policy internships via the Rhode Island State Government Internship Program

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Publish articles co-authored with department faculty in prominent scholarly journals


Small class sizes mean that majors can really get to know their professors. Our faculty come from diverse backgrounds and hold degrees from some of the finest institutions, including Berkeley, Brandeis, Brown, Columbia, Penn, Rutgers, Michigan, Notre Dame, Syracuse, UMass-Amherst, and UTAustin.

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Several PC political science alumni serve in elective office in federal, state, and local governments. Many of our graduates also have been quite successful in business, including some of the world’s most successful corporations such as Oracle, General Electric, Bloomberg News, and Chase Manhattan. In addition, a large number of our students eventually seek graduate or professional degrees in a variety of specialties, including business, law, health policy, public administration and public policy, secondary education, and environmental policy.


of 2018-2022 political science graduates are employed and/or attending graduate school


are employed only


are attending school only


are employed and attending school

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Selected Places of Employment/Service

Aflac Group Insurance
Analytic Partners
Ankura Consulting
Audit Analytics
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI
Carousel Industries
Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick
City of Boston
Dell EMC
Guidepoint Global
Hudson Valley Justice Center

Consulting Group
Massachusetts House of Representatives
New Jersey Senate Majority Office
New York Legal Assistance Group
Office of Governor Daniel McKee
Perkins Thompson Law Firm
Strategic Benefit Advisors
Suburban Propane
Teach for America
United States Senate

Selected Graduate Schools

American Washington College of Law
Boston College
Boston University
Brooklyn Law School
Fordham Law School
London School of Economics and Political Science
Loyola Law School
Michigan State University
New England Law
New York University
Northeastern University, School of Law
Notre Dame University
Saint John’s Seminary
Southern Methodist University
Syracuse University
Tufts University
University of North Carolina School of Law
University of Oxford
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
University of San Francisco
Vanderbilt Law School


Dr. Adam Myers

Assistant Department Chair
Howley 317

Andrew Meehan

Howley 318