Washington Semester

Campus advisor: Professor Paul Herron, pherron@providence.edu 

The Washington Semester program is a distinct division of American University with its own separate campus, faculty, and curriculum. Students will take classes, live in DC, and work an internship three days a week. There are an amazing number of internship opportunities connected to the Washington Semester Program, and it is the highlight of the experience! The classes are interdisciplinary seminars that provide broad opportunities for students pursuing diverse academic fields: American Politics, Foreign Policy, Global Economics & Business, Justice & Law, Public Health, Communications, and Journalism. You may also choose an elective at American University or a research course.

The Washington Semester Program offered by American University is available on a competitive basis to fourteen Providence College juniors or first semester seniors each academic year. Juniors may attend the program for either the fall or spring semesters. Seniors are restricted to the fall semester. A Providence College faculty committee selects the participants from PC. Students do NOT apply directly to American University. The deadline for submission of application materials for either the Fall or Spring semesters is generally March 15 of the academic year prior to the intended semester of study. Please reach out to Prof. Herron if you are interested.

Those wishing to apply need to submit the following material to the PC campus advisor:

· A cover letter addressed to the PC campus advisor expressing interest in and preparation for the program. Applicants should indicate how the program will contribute to your academic and career goals, along with any other information that will assist the committee in their review and decisions.

· A current Providence College transcript. (Students must have at least 2.5 GPA to apply).

· A writing sample of at least four pages. It can be work from any class at PC that demonstrates your writing skills.

· A completed “Projected Studies Plan” form available from the Dean’s Office. The completed form must be approved and signed by the Chair of your major department and the Chair of your minor department (if applicable).

Students should talk with the financial aid office at Providence College about portability of aid and with the office of Residence Life at Providence College about single semester on-campus living arrangements.

More information regarding the Washington Semester Program