Gizem Zencirci

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Howley Hall 315


Ph.D. - Political Science, University of Massachusetts

Brief Biography:

I am an associate professor of political science at Providence College. I received my PhD in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2013). In addition to politics, I enjoy painting, textile art, and writing short stories.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Middle East Politics, Turkish politics, Islamic political movements, charity and philanthropy, globalization, religion and politics, gender, humanitarianism and development.

Selected Publications:

Zencirci, G. Herrold , C. (2021) Project Think? The Fragmentation and Defragmentation of Civil Society in Egypt, Palestine and Turkey . Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.(51), 545-565.

Zencirci, G. (2021) A Just Economy? Unifying and Dividing the Islamic Intellectual Field in Neoliberal Turkey . Journal of the American Academy of Religion.(89), 840-862.

Zencirci, G. (2020) Markets of Islam: Performative charity and the Muslim middle classes in Turkey. Journal of Cultural Economy.(13), 610-625.

Zencirci, G. (2019) Affective Politics of Structural Adjustment: "Cruel Optimism" and Turhan Selcuk's Cartoons in Turkey (1983-1986) . Journal of Social History.(53), 53-75.

Zencirci, G. (2015) From Property to Civil Society: The Historical Transformation of Vakifs in Modern Turkey (1923-2013). International Journal of Middle East Studies.(47),

Zencirci, G. (2015) Illusory Debates: How the "Sadaka Culture" Discourse Masked the Rise of Social Assistance in Turkey. Asian Journal of Social Science.(43), 125-150.

Zencirci, G. (2014) Civil Society's History: New Constructions of Ottoman Heritage by the Justice and Development Party in Turkey. European Journal of Turkish Studies.(19),

Zencirci, G. (2008) The Headscarf in Turkey in the Public and State Spheres. Middle Eastern Studies.(44), 791-806.

Selected Presentations:

Zencirci, G. Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics . , Virtual - "Muslim Intellectuals and Theorizing the Islamic Economy in Turkey " July, 2021

Zencirci, G. International Studies Association Annual Convention . , Virtual - "Project Think? A Critical Perspective on NGOs, Social Justice, and Democracy in the Middle East " April, 2021

Zencirci, G. American Political Science Association. , Virtual - "Project Think: Effects on Civil Society and Democracy in the Middle East " September, 2020

Zencirci, G. Middle East Studies Association Conference. , San Antonio, Texas - "Good Governance According to islamic NGOs: Technical Expertise of Political Autonomy?" November, 2018

Zencirci, G. North East Middle East Politics Working Group. Harvard University, Boston - "Populist Reform and Social Assistance" May, 2018

Zencirci, G. New England Political Science Association. , Newport, RI - "Islamic Capitalism and the Moral Narratives of Humanitarian Generosity in Turkey" April, 2016

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