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Adam Myers

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Howley Hall 317


Ph.D. - University of Texas at Austin

Area(s) of Expertise:

State politics, political parties, political geography, federalism, American political development

Selected Publications:

Myers, A. (2020) Explaining Increased Contestation in the 2018 State Legislative Elections. PS: Political Science & Politics.(53), 429-434.

Myers, A. (2019) The Reapportionment Revolution and the Decline of Contested State Legislative Elections: The Case of Rhode Island. New England Journal of Political Science.(11), 130-159.

Myers, A. (2018) The Failed Diffusion of the Unicameral State Legislature, 1934-1944. Studies in American Political Development.(32), 217-235.

Myers, A. (2018) Changing Patterns of Uncontested Seats in Southern State Legislative Elections, 1984-2012. Social Science Quarterly.(99), 583-598.

Myers, A. (2017) In Sisco, Lucas, and Galdieri (Ed.), "The 2012 Presidential and 2014 Senate Races in North Carolina: A Microgeographical Analysis.". University of Akron Press

Myers, A. (2016) Electoral Incongruence and Delayed Republican Gains in Southern State Legislatures. American Review of Politics.(35), 73-102.

Myers, A. (2013) Secular Geographical Polarization in the American South: The Case of Texas, 1996-2010. Electoral Studies.(32), 38-62.

Nichols, C. Myers, A. , . (2010) Exploiting the Opportunity for Reconstructive Leadership: Presidential Responses to Enervated Political Regimes. American Politics Research.(38), 806-841.

Selected Presentations:

Myers, A. Citadel Symposium on Southern Politics. , Charleston, SC - "Paper: Differences in Timing Between Republican Gains in Southern U.S. House and State Legislative Elections" March, 2016

Myers, A. Midwest Political Science Association. , Chicago, IL - "Federalism and Party Conflict in the New Deal Era" April, 2015

Myers, A. The American Election 2014 Conference. , Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH - "The Microgeographical Foundations of the 2014 North Carolina Senate Race" March, 2015

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