Richard Battistoni


Contact Information:


Howley Hall 312


Ph.D. - Rutgers University

Brief Biography:

Rick Battistoni is Professor of Political Science and Public and Community Service Studies

Area(s) of Expertise:

Civic Engagement, Service Learning, Citizenship Education, Community Organizing, Democratic Theory and Practice

Selected Presentations:

Battistoni, R. Neoliberal Governance and Academic Practice: Teaching & Learning, Resistance, and Radical Possibility. , Amhest, MA - "Panel: Critical and Engaged Pedagogy as a Means of Creating Possibility" April, 2014

Battistoni, R. International Association for Research on Service-Learning & Community Engagement. , Omaha, NE - "Paper: Discovering Identity Through Reflective Practice: Reflection Post-graduation Enhances Civic Mindedness" November, 2013

Battistoni, R. Association of American Colleges and Universities. , Atlanta, GA - "CitizenAlum: Doers, Not (Just) Donors" January, 2013

Battistoni, R. International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement . , Baltimore, MD - "This is What Democracy Looks Like: Putting Politics (Back) Into Community Engagement" September, 2012

Battistoni, R. Future of Community Engagement in Higher Education . , North Andover, MA - "Paper: Educating for Democratic Leadership" June, 2012

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