Christopher Justin Brophy O.P.

Assistant Professor

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Howley Hall 310


Ph.D. - Political Theory, University of Notre Dame

Brief Biography:

I am Assistant Professor of Political Science at Providence College. My interests are in political theory, broadly conceived. The questions that have always driven my passion for philosophy are: “Who am I?,” “What does it mean to be human?,” and “What is the relationship of the human person to society?”

My teaching and research interests include Ancient and Contemporary Political Theory, Philosophical Conceptions of the Human Psyche, the Human Psyche and Modern Society, Plato, Augustine, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Freud, and Philosophy of Psychoanalysis. I seek to explore the questions surrounding modern identity and the concept of authenticity. In order to best answer my questions about human existence, I draw also from the riches of the modern Catholic intellectual tradition, especially Romano Guardini, Josef Pieper, Walker Percy, and Tomáš Halík.

My current projects are focused around the political significance of Plato’s Symposium and its appropriation by modern German thinkers, especially Nietzsche, Freud, and Mann.

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