teacher and students in a political science course

Political Science

Who are we?

There are 13 faculty members in the political science department. We, not teaching assistants or part-time faculty, will teach the courses you take in small classes of usually 15 to 20 students. Ours is a student-friendly environment with open office doors that invites students to meet one-on-one with professors.

What will you learn?

We study what happens and what ought to happen in politics. You will learn about American politics — the presidency, elections, political parties, media, and law — and politics from around the world: democracy, international trade, globalization, immigration, human rights, and political violence. In these courses, we stress the importance of developing life-long skills such as critical thinking and civic engagement.

What can you do with a Political Science degree?

A large number of our students eventually seek graduate or professional degrees in a variety of specialties, including business, law, health policy, public administration and public policy, secondary education, and environmental policy. At present, a number of PC political science alumni serve in elective office in federal, state, and local governments. Many of our graduates also have been quite successful in business, including some of the world’s most successful corporations such as Oracle, General Electric, Bloomberg News, and Chase Manhattan.

Political Science News

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