Public Administration Program

The Public Administration Program is a special certificate program with the purpose of assisting students contemplating a career in government service. The required courses, from a variety of disciplines, introduce skills and knowledge to prepare students for graduate degree programs in public sector fields, such as the Masters in Public Administration (MPA) or the Masters in Public Policy (MPP).

While this program is open to all students, it has been designed to meet the needs of majors in the liberal arts and sciences, particularly those in the social sciences and humanities who many be concerned about the link between their academic major and their subsequent career.

Community Service

The program allows students to acquire public sector relevant skills and knowledge, as well as an understanding of government service as a career option, all while preparing in different majors and minors in the liberal arts and sciences. Program participants will be eligible to attend regularly scheduled extracurricular seminars and presentations about careers and graduate school opportunities in public administration.

Students who complete all program requirements receive a Certificate in Public Administration at graduation and program participation is noted on their transcripts.

Government, non-profits and companies in the private sector value a background in public administration. The skills acquired through this program and in subsequent graduate programs are complementary to jobs in these three sectors.

Expanding Opportunities in the Public Sector

Government organizations at all levels are seeking ways to better serve citizens and use government resources more effectively. At the forefront are professionally trained public administrators and public policy specialists who use their expertise to make government programs work.

There are job opportunities in the local, state, and federal government for people with a background in public administration. There is an array of government jobs that are attractive to a variety of interests. Opportunities are expanding for well-trained and credentialed experts to staff these government organizations. Undergraduates committed to serving their country through careers in the public sector can find such training in Providence College’s Public Administration Program.

Graduate School

This program aims specifically at building a foundation for the study of public administration, essential for continued study at the graduate level in either public administrations or public policy. The faculty of the Public Administration Program help students apply and gain admission to graduate schools that meet their needs and abilities. A Masters in Public Administration (MPA) or a Masters in Public Policy (MPP) is a practical degree in both the public and private sectors.

How to Enroll

Students can sign up for the PA Program any time prior to graduation, but normally students are encouraged to enroll before the end of the their sophomore year. To enroll, students should meet with Dr. Myers to tailor their participation in the program to fit with their other academic goals. Dr. Myers is available to provide graduate school counseling and suggest resources for exploring various post-graduation opportunities.

Program Requirements

The Public Administration Program consists of four core courses and four additional courses.

Public Administration Core

PSC 211 – Public Administration

PSC 318 – American Public Policy

PSC 419 – Policy Analysis and Advocacy

PSC 450 – Political Science Internship

Additional Courses

PSC 201 – American Government and Politics

ACC 203 – Financial Accounting

PHL 301 – Ethics, Moral Leadership, and the Public Good

And either:

ECN 101 – Principles of Economics: Micro


ECN 102 – Principles of Economics: Macro