Departmental Advising System

Each political science major is assigned a faculty advisor at the time of major declaration. Faculty advisor lists are kept on file with the department’s Administrative Assistant in Howley Hall 318. Students may also view their advisor’s name and registration information via CyberFriar. Students may contact their advisor at any time to discuss any aspect of their academic work. However, students must meet with their advisor at least once a semester at course registration time to review degree audit reports; receive their registration Alt Pin number, and to discuss courses and other related matters.  Students should contact either their advisor or the department administrative assistant to make an appointment.

Graduate School Advising

The department’s designated graduate school advisor can assist students who wish to pursue graduate study. Contact the department’s graduate school advisor, Dr. Thea Riofrancos, for more information. Dr. Thea Riofrancos can be reached at

Pre-Law Advising

Professor Paul Herron is the Pre-Law Advisor for the Department of Political Science. Students interested in a legal career or those who are just weighing their options for after graduation should attend law school information sessions in the Department and/or set up individual meetings. Professor Herron has a variety of legal experience. He worked for a federal judge and a state judge, and he spent time in the US Senate Judiciary Committee and at a large Boston law firm, where he focused his practice on commercial and probate litigation. Professor Herron counsels students on whether and when to attend law school, the application process, and life as a lawyer. So if you need some guidance, be in touch!