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PSC Spring 2022 Course Registration: Key Dates, Info, & FAQs

You should have received a form that should include a schedule with CRN Numbers for each PSC course offered for the Spring 2022 semester. All courses can be viewed via CyberFriar and via the link below.

Spring 2022 Course Schedule

2021-2022 Course Descriptions

Spring 2022 Courses that Satisfy Core Requirements/Proficiencies & PoliSci Requirements

Below you can find the links to the Pre-Registration form.

Spring 2022 Pre-Registration Form (PDF)

Spring 2022 Pre-Registration Form (.docx)

If you have any questions please email Jacob,

FAQs for PSC Spring 2022 Course Registration:

  1. What is the first step in the registration process?

Your advisors will be reaching out to you within the next week or so to schedule a meeting to talk about your course options and what would work best for you. You need to meet with your advisor to receive your ALT PIN so you can register for classes outside of Political Science IN ADDITION to your Political Science classes. **NEW THIS SEMESTER** YOU WILL NEED YOUR ALT PIN TO PRE-REGISTER FOR YOUR COURSES – NO ALT PIN MEANS YOU CANNOT PRE-REGISTER!

2. How does pre-registration work? How is it different from regular registration?

The form is very simple again this year and it allows up to Three (3) choices of classes for the Spring to be requested. This form allows you to only request THREE Political Science courses. Please ONLY INCLUDE Political Science courses in your form. Any courses outside of PoliSci cannot be Pre-Registered for.

3. When is the form due and how do I submit it?

The form is DUE OCTOBER 29th at 4:00PM – NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Once you have spoken to your advisor and fill out the attached form, send it in PDF FORM ONLY, to by the due date (10/29 at 4pm). The form can also be dropped off in-person at Howley 318

4. Any keys dates and additional information I should know?

Preferences on classes will be given to Seniors, Juniors who are a Major, and then to others on a First-Come First-Serve Basis – so if you want to be in a certain class, you should submit your forms early!

JUNIORS – You will be automatically placed into your Research Methods Courses

SENIORS – You will be automatically placed into your Seminar Course

Still stuck? Check out the link below: