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Recent Graduates

 Jessica James (2016)

I am a PhD student at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., studying American political communication and political behavior. My undergraduate experience at Providence College played a pivotal role in my scholarly development. I majored in both history and political science and by the beginning of my junior year, I knew that I wanted to study political science for a living. In my senior year, I wrote an honors thesis examining the impact of the media’s coverage of terrorism on the political attitudes and behavior of the millennial generation. I was able to achieve this, in part, because of the amazing political science faculty members. With their guidance (particularly my advisor, Prof. Matt Guardino) I was able to conduct my own research that prepared me for the intense graduate school environment. My education in the PC Political Science Department helped me hit the ground running in my PhD program, where I am learning advanced research methods and was able to obtain a paid summer internship with the American Political Science Association after my first year in the program. I am extraordinarily grateful to the Political Science Department at Providence College for their instruction and genuine interest in my ambitions.


Nicholas Wallace (2013)

My passion for policy, politics, and public service can be attributed to my coursework with the PC Political Science Department. The expertise of the faculty, combined with the comprehensive core curriculum, helped me develop the necessary qualitative and quantitative skills to thrive in the Master of Public Policy Program at the The George Washington University. But more importantly, the department challenged me to succinctly articulate what I believe, why I believe it, and why anybody else should care.

The individualization of my degree can be best summarized by my opportunity to conduct a senior honors thesis under the mentorship of Prof. Joe Cammarano. Knowing my passion for health and fitness (I’m a Certified Personal Trainer), Joe guided me through a research project exploring the different policy-levers lawmakers utilize in an attempt to prevent obesity, and whether or not the existence of certain health policies was correlated with a state’s childhood obesity rate. This year-long assignment was the catalyst to my career in health policy in Washington, D.C., which has included time with a federal agency, on Capitol Hill, and now currently with a non-profit organization that seeks to promote a culture of health among mayors and city leaders


Riley Maloney (2017)

While at PC, I was a History and Political Science double major. My research interests surround refugees of political conflicts, both historical and modern. As a sophomore, I completed an international research project investigating Amerasians, children of American GI’s born during the Vietnam war. This project gave me the opportunity to conduct in-person interviews both in Hanoi and Ho-Chi-Minh-City. As a senior, I authored an undergraduate honors thesis investigating Loyalists who fled to Prince Edward Island following the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Upon graduation, I successfully secured offers to study International Relations at top European universities including the University of Amsterdam and Trinity College Dublin. However, I have decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at Oxford University.


John Hindley (2017)

Being a student at Providence College has been an incredible gift. It has been an experience that allowed me to open my mind to new ideas in political science. The department offers a strong program that helped me expand my knowledge of politics, improve my ability to conduct qualitative and quantitative research and express complicated and thought-provoking ideas to others. I have been interested in politics since I was young, and the department has increased my passion for it. My favorite political science course was American Public Policy. This course discussed the intricacies and formulation of major policy programs and issues like Social Security, the debt and deficit, and the Affordable Care Act which still impact the country’s politics today. In the fall of 2017 I enrolled in The George Washington University School of Law. I believe the political science department has given me the tools to be successful in my next endeavor. The political science program offered me and others the knowledge and skills that can lead anyone towards a bright future.


Taylor Gibson (2017)

As a freshman, I came to Providence College as a declared Political Science/Spanish double major. Along the way, I also picked up a Latin American studies minor. I knew early on that I was interested in a career in law. After graduation, I enrolled in the American University Washington College of Law in D.C. on a full academic merit scholarship. My mentors in the Political Science department have given me the tools I needed to become the outspoken, successful activist I am today. Dr. Hudson’s honors politics course challenged me, in my first semester on campus, to find a problem at PC and work with administrators to solve it. Dr. Hyde’s empirical analysis course and Professor Guardino’s capstone gave me the quantitative skills needed to conduct serious research in the field. Professor Riofrancos has furthered my love and understanding of the Latin American region. The best part of the Political Science program is that there is such a wide variety of courses; not only did I take classes that I was already interested in, I was also able to engage in new subject matters that I had never learned about previously, like politics of resource extraction. If I offered one piece of advice to future Political Science majors it would be to study abroad and take a course on politics outside of the United States. The major’s flexibility allows for that semester off campus, and everyone should take advantage of that.