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Student Services

Community Service Opportunities

The department offers students opportunities to participate in community service that is relevant to the educational goals of the department and our students. Service can occur on a freelance basis, through service-learning courses, or through internships. The department also is affiliated with the International Institute of Rhode Island, a non-profit agency in Providence that provides various services for newer Americans. Student should inquire with faculty if they are interested.


The department values internships and other types of experiential learning. Dr. Hudson is the department’s internship coordinator, and oversees the College’s participation in the Rhode Island State House Internship Program. It is possible for a limited number of students (usually seniors) to design their own internships for academic credit. Interested students should consult with their academic advisor or with Dr. Hudson at least one semester prior to any proposed internship.

Washington Semester

Providence College is affiliated with American University’s Washington Semester program, which annually include some political science majors from PC. Students apply to compete for these limited positions. Political science students should talk with Dr. Hudson about the process. For more information please go to our Washington Semester page.

Departmental Advising System

Each political science major is assigned a faculty advisor at the time of major declaration. Faculty advisor lists are kept on file with the department’s Administrative Assistant in Howley Hall 318. Students may also view their advisor’s name and registration Pin information via CyberFriar. Students may contact their advisor at any time to discuss any aspect of their academic work. Students must meet with their advisor at least once a semester at course registration time to review degree audit reports; receive their registration Alt Pin number, to discuss courses, requirements and options. All preregistration requests should be made directly to the professor teaching, also copying the department chair in the email.

Graduate School Advising

The department’s designated graduate school advisor can assist students who wish to pursue graduate study. Bulletin boards on the third floor of Howley include posters and brochures from various schools. Students interested in considering graduate study should check with the office to see who is serving currently as the graduate school advisor.

Pre-Law Advising

Professor John Scanlan of the English department is PC’s pre-law advisor and head of the Pre-Law Program. He can provide information about the undergraduate law courses taught at the College, law schools, and careers. Professor Scanlan can be contacted at 401.865.2446 or at hambone@providence.edu.

Department Office

The department’s office in Howley Hall has information about internships, opportunities to study abroad, career opportunities, and graduate schools.