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Visualizing Peace and Justice: Quito, Ecuador

This student-constructed site visually depicts the trips that were taken in both 2012, as well as 2014.

Global Service Learning Opportunities

Travel, experience, reflection, and academic inquiry form the foundation of global service-learning experiences at Providence College. In a process that deepens learning and enhances either January or Alternative Break travel experience, students analyze and reflect upon travel and community engagement in a related course throughout the spring term. This experience serves as a central “text” of the course which students analyze and reflect upon their with their classmates, both while on the trip and back on campus through  class discussions, assignments and in sharing their experience. While the semester course offerings and related trips are expected to rotate and change each academic year, The Feinstein Institute is dedicated to working with community partners and building mutual relationships with organizations abroad through this program. The Global Service-Learning Program is run through the Feinstein Institute for Public Service, in partnership with several academic departments and the Center for International Studies. All of the global service-learning courses are cross-listed with Global Studies.  

  • The Visualizing Peace and Justice, global community lens course, is cross –listed with Art, Global Studies and Political Science. It is a photography course that examines the ideas of peace and justice through the lens of art. How do we use art as a way to reach out to the global community to promote these ideas of peace and justice? Within the course during the Spring Semester, students will also participate in local community engagement in Providence and put together a final photography exhibit for the Providence community.  There are two faculty facilitating the class and the  faculty leaders on the trip; Dr. Jeffery Pugh and Eric Sung a photography professor.
  • Within Ecuador, students will be working with the organization founded by Political Science professor Dr. Jeff Pugh; the Center for Mediation, Peace and Resolution of Conflict. The organization helps to utilize art as an outlet in promoting community and non-violence. Participants will work in a variety of situations including with local organizations, schools that CEMPROC has instilled a youth peace program and within a village.
  • The course will be taking place on Thursdays from 5:30PM-8:00PM.
  • The approximate cost of the trip is: $1,600.00 for two weeks, including flight, travel within the country, food, homestay and hotels.